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    College financial aid planning | Retirement income planning | Employee financial wellness

    You have to know the rules to win the game!

  • College financial aid planning/maximizing aid

    We help with developing strategies to lower college costs by maximizing

    financial aid and efficiently paying for college.

  • Retirement income planning

    We help with strategies on how to make your money last as long as you do by addressing the 6 known financial risks in retirement
  • Media appearances / Upcoming workshops

    Videos, podcasts, and articles with lots of useful tips and insight. And upcoming workshop to learn more about college planning, retirement income planning, or managing student loans.

Welcome to Longhorn Financial LLC!

Thanks for visiting our website. We help regular working families getting to and through school and STILL be able to retire. We have a particular specialty working with small business owners and self-employed on these topics.

College financial aid planning

College financial aid planning

We help families financially get their student to and through school. We address common questions on paying for college, and then develop strategies to send your student to school without breaking the bank!

We provide:

Strategies to maximize aid

Completion of aid forms without the common aid killing mistakes

Strategies for efficiently using savings to pay

Strategies for using loans; comparing Federal vs private and repayment strategies

Retirement income planning

Retirement income planning

We help create a safety first, income floor retirement plan to maximize income while minimizing the 6 known financial risks that clients will face.

We help:

Focus is on avoiding costs, not maximizing return

Create savings strategies on where to save and how much to save

Create an income floor to cover basic essential life expenses by

 - Strategies to maximize Social Security

 - Coordinating with pensions, as applicable

 - Create additional guaranteed lifetime income

Develop efficient retirement income strategies

Avoid the 6 major, known financial risks in retirement

Employee financial wellness

Employee financial wellness

Organizations can offer their employees financial wellness workshops delivered in person or via webinar. Topics include:

College financial aid planning

Managing student debt

Managing debt

Maximizing Social Security

Retirement income planning

Workshops can be held during the workday or after hours depending on the specifics of your workforce. Contact us to discuss!