SCHOLARSHIPS for in those in MA, and trade school!

The Exchange Club of Lawrence and Andover is looking for students to apply to their scholarships. This is For those of you with high school seniors, and who live in the Andover, North Andover, Lawrence and Methuen, MA.

DEADLINE IS 5/1/21 so hurry!

The A.C.E. Award is one of the flagship programs ...

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Building a college list that works

This week, we have a guest post from Ashly Jordan of My Education Connections, based in Las Vegas, NV. Thanks Ashly for sharing this great information!

Building A College List that Works

College admissions, two words that have the power to induce fear and panic in students and parents alike. Parents w...

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This time of year is when high school seniors tend to get their acceptance and award letters and hopefully it's a happy time to hear that your son or daughter was accepted at  the college of their choice.

Despite the excitement, it might not be nearly as exciting because the award may not be as ...

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Why as early as freshman year?

I am often asked why I always say that planning for financial aid and paying for college starts as early as Freshman year.  After all, their son or daughter may have just entered high school and may have no idea of what they want to study, never mind where they want to go to college. I totally ...

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From the Clipboard - The best college savings options? Here’s how to choose.

I can't believe I've never don a blog, podcast, or video on this topic but recently I've been asked this question a lot. So I guess it's time to share some thoughts on this question:


What are the best options for college savings? Or best ways to save for college?


A disclaimer: Just re...

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