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Limits costs help long term. But are you focusing on the right costs?

“Costs. I read something about minimizing costs can really help improve how much your money grows.”


A conversation started this way recently someone who is concerned about having enough for retirement since the stock market was down almost 30% from its all time high (though the market has since...

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Spending in retirement

No more commuting. No more buying lunches out. No more dry cleaning (though when was the last time you took something to get dry cleaned?). And no more retirement plan contributions.


The assumption is that when we retire, our expenses will go down. And these types of expenses would ...

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When you get back to even, are you really “even”?

As a follow up to my last newsletter, I received a lot of comments about retirement withdrawal strategies. And the comment I received the most:


I don’t have to think about this yet. I’m not retiring for a while, and I know the market will recover eventually. When it does, I haven’t lost anythin...

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You made a decision with your retirement money even if you didn't do anything.
You're trying to get up the mountain, but did you decide on how you're going to get down?
17.03.20 09:26 AM - Comment(s)