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It's not just the rate
I was speaking with a few people last week regarding an idea they had. During this time, to provide a little bit more peace of mind if you're still working is to get a line of credit that you can tap so that in the case of emergency. For homeowners, that...
04.05.20 10:29 PM - Comment(s)
Save vs pay down debt in the age of pandemic

One question that I’m getting a lot right now is about this age old topic - should I be saving my money or paying down debt? In this age where we’re all sitting at home, some working, some not, the answer is not so obvious.


This question came in from a few clients who have taken loans recently ...

22.04.20 12:41 PM - Comment(s)
Rethinking strategies for managing debt in the age of coronavirus

One topic that I’ve been asked by many people is on managing debt - credit cards, student loans, etc. In the current situation, how should strategies for managing debt change?


Obviously, if you’ve lost your job if you were the sole income source, or had your income substantially reduced, then c...

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