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Why as early as freshman year?

I am often asked why I always say that planning for financial aid and paying for college starts as early as Freshman year.  After all, their son or daughter may have just entered high school and may have no idea of what they want to study, never mind where they want to go to college. I totally ...

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From the Clipboard - The best college savings options? Here’s how to choose.

I can't believe I've never don a blog, podcast, or video on this topic but recently I've been asked this question a lot. So I guess it's time to share some thoughts on this question:


What are the best options for college savings? Or best ways to save for college?


A disclaimer: Just re...

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Divorce and college | Recent financial aid changes can add to the cost

The recently signed stimulus package contained a number of provisions regarding financial aid and FAFSA simplification with some real world impacts on divorced parents or those who are contemplating divorce. These changes are effective for the 2023/24 school year, which impacts high school seniors i...

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From the Clipboard - Did the stimulus package just raise the cost of college for millions of American families?

If you would rather watch the video for this blog post, you can click on the video below. Otherwise, scroll down.

For millions of families across the United States, it's an important question. In the 5,000 or so pages of the second stimulus package were a number of provisions related to fin...

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If money was the only thing…

In “normal” times, summer kicks off the college tour season. It’s typically when rising senior families start visiting schools to build that college application list. The schools visited usually the ones that the students have heard of, or where they think their friends are interested in. The guidan...

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