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Divorce and college | Recent financial aid changes can add to the cost

The recently signed stimulus package contained a number of provisions regarding financial aid and FAFSA simplification with some real world impacts on divorced parents or those who are contemplating divorce. These changes are effective for the 2023/24 school year, which impacts high school seniors i...

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College costs and PLUS loans

Not a surprise. And thanks Captain Obvious!

In the category of “not a surprise” and “thanks Captain Obvious”, both NBC and Wall St. Journal have come out with articles recently talking about the amount of student debt, and in particular the amount of PLUS loan debt; loans that parents can borrow to h...

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Will college tuition decrease in the age of the pandemic?

The Bugatti is just like the Chevy, right?

The most expensive car sold in the US (maybe the world) is the Bugatti La Voiture Noire. It is a one of a kind, absolutely stunning work of art that stickered for a mere $12 million, but sold for close to $19 million.

At the other end of the price spectrum, t...

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If money was the only thing…

In “normal” times, summer kicks off the college tour season. It’s typically when rising senior families start visiting schools to build that college application list. The schools visited usually the ones that the students have heard of, or where they think their friends are interested in. The guidan...

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Shop in the right neighborhood

Most families with college bound high school students won’t like this article.


I’ve had a number of conversations recently with families who are starting the college search and planning process. In each case, the families had some basic idea of the type of school they think would be ideal. Each...

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