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SCHOLARSHIPS for in those in MA, and trade school!

The Exchange Club of Lawrence and Andover is looking for students to apply to their scholarships. This is For those of you with high school seniors, and who live in the Andover, North Andover, Lawrence and Methuen, MA.

DEADLINE IS 5/1/21 so hurry!

The A.C.E. Award is one of the flagship programs ...

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This time of year is when high school seniors tend to get their acceptance and award letters and hopefully it's a happy time to hear that your son or daughter was accepted at  the college of their choice.

Despite the excitement, it might not be nearly as exciting because the award may not be as ...

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Will college tuition decrease in the age of the pandemic?

The Bugatti is just like the Chevy, right?

The most expensive car sold in the US (maybe the world) is the Bugatti La Voiture Noire. It is a one of a kind, absolutely stunning work of art that stickered for a mere $12 million, but sold for close to $19 million.

At the other end of the price spectrum, t...

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If money was the only thing…

In “normal” times, summer kicks off the college tour season. It’s typically when rising senior families start visiting schools to build that college application list. The schools visited usually the ones that the students have heard of, or where they think their friends are interested in. The guidan...

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Asking the right question

College admissions is tough enough even without the Coronavirus.


I've been reading many posts on social media from parents asking how college admissions will change. Many parents are concerned about how their son or daughter will get into college next year when filling out applications wit...

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