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​College Financial Aid Planning workshops

Schedule for Winter/Spring 2021

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​Navigating College Admission in 2021

In collaboration with Nancy Steenson, Steenson College Coaching

and Travis Minor of Open Door Education

We had a great session on the state of college admissions and planning, followed by an open Q&A session.

Nancy Steenson discussed college admissions, while Travis Minor discussed SAT/ACT test prep. And Jack Wang discussed financial aid strategies.


You can watch a recording here

​Financial Aid 101-What Jrs, Soph, and Fr should do now!

College will be here sooner than you think. Learn the basics of financial aid – what counts, what doesn’t count, when it counts – and what you can do about it to get more aid. We’ll discuss the terms, rules, and strategies. We’ll also review how to tell how generous a college is with aid. And how an effective search with the right questions can help you get more aid later. This workshop will include things that are not included in the high school session.

Dates - All sessions start at 630p

More dates coming soon!

​How to Read Your Financial Aid Award Letter and Ask for More Money!

Congratulations, your student got accepted. But then you received something that can be very confusing - the financial aid award letter! The different types of aid, loans, etc. - how much will college really cost you?
We'll review the different types of aid - grants, loans, work study - and discuss how they work, terms and conditions. We'll also discuss what questions you should ask to fully understand how much college will really cost of you. And we'll discuss how to ask for more money!


More dates coming soon!

​Choosing the Right College Loan - How to Choose

The tuition bill is coming due soon. If you need to borrow, there are so many student loans choices and so many options. What is the best way to pay for college yet not be in debt forever? What is better - a Federal loan or a private loan?

We'll review the various options, how they work, who can borrow and how much, and the various terms for Federal as well as private loans. You'll learn what terms matter and why the interest rate may be the least important factor of all!

Dates coming soon!

Other college

Below are other college resources that may be helpful to you and your student.

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​Admissions Counselors

Ashly Jordan

My Education Connections

Elton Lin

Ilumin Education

Linda Hollenbeck

Hollenbeck Consulting

Nancy Steenson

Steenson Admissions Coach

Dr. Leslie Tucker

Virtual College Consultant

Jennifer Carberry

Carberry College Consulting

​Tutors / Test Prep

Dennis Mullen

Club Z Chelmsford

Travis Minor

Open Door Education

Jim LaChapelle

Huntington Learning Center Acton

More resources to be added soon!