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Your clients/employees have questions about college financial aid. We can help!
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We collaborate with financial advisors, other professionals, and organizations to help families with expert advice in the nuts and bolts of college financial aid. Helping set expectations, creating strategies, and evaluating options are critical to help families LOWER and AFFORD college.

The financial aid aspect of college is complicated and adds to an already stressful time for the student and parents alike. There are many (and I mean MANY) traps and potential mistakes that families make which end up raising the cost of college.

Don't guidance counselors help with this?

No! Their job is to help your student get into college, not pay for it. Remember that guidance counselors have student transcripts, letters of recommendation, and know the test scores. But they do not have your clients/employees tax returns or paycheck stubs.

With expertise in the THREE different financial aid formulas, we can help your clients/employees:

  • Estimate the student's chances for merit and financial aid
  • Estimate the likely price of college
  • Develop strategies to increase aid and/or efficiently pay the bill
  • Compare financial aid awards
  • Negotiate for more financial aid, as appropriate
  • Evaluate/analyze different payment options, including Federal and private loans

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Let's discuss ways you can add value to your clients/employees by helping them WIN the game of financial aid.

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For organizations, programs can be customized to meet your employee needs.